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Westermost Rough<p>​​The Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm site will be situated 8km from the Holderness coast, approximately 25 km north of Spurn Head at the river Humber estuary. The wind farm will comprise 35 Siemens 6MW turbines - the first time anywhere in the world that these turbines will be used on a large scale.</p><p><a title="Read more about Westermost Rough" class="ms-rteElement-LinkArrow" href="http://westermostrough.co.uk/en/about-westermost-rough">Read more about Westermost Rough</a><br><br></p>http://authoring.dongenergy.com



Market leader<p>​After more than 20 years developing offshore wind farms, DONG Energy is the market leader in offshore wind power generation, with extensive experience in operating offshore wind farms.</p><a title="Click here to go to About Westermost Rough" class="ms-rteElement-LinkArrow" href="http://westermostrough.co.uk/en/about-westermost-rough">Learn more</a>http://authoring.dongenergy.com



News and events<p>​Read our latest news and learn more about our exhibitions etc.</p><p>​<a title="Click here to go to news" class="ms-rteElement-LinkArrow" href="http://westermostrough.co.uk/en/news">Learn more</a></p>http://authoring.dongenergy.com